Voting Information/ Vote By Mail

Due to the the COVID-19 pandemic, Shrewsbury has postponed its municipal election to Tuesday, June 16th. The Town Clerk’s Office is encouraging vote by mail, which is easy and safe! Any registered voter is permitted to request a ballot be sent to them by mail for this election.

In-person voting will take place on June 16th for those who wish it, during the limited hours of 12 Noon to 8:00 PM. Voters who wish to vote in person will cast ballots at their regular polling places.


1.) Request Your Ballot

Click here to access a Vote by Mail application. Print out your application, complete it, and sign it! Send it back to the Town Clerk’s office by:

    • Mailing the application to: Town Clerk’s Office, 100 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury MA 01545
    • Scanning the completed application and emailing to Town Clerk Sandra Wright at
    • Requests can also be dropped off in the gray Town Bill Box in front of Town Hall, no postage required

Alternatively, you can mail a simple written note or letter requesting a ballot to the Town Clerk’s office, so long as it bears your signature and your name and address are clear.

2.) Complete Your Ballot

Once your ballot arrives in the mail, complete it as you would any other ballot.

3.) Return Your Ballot

Mail back your completed ballot using the envelope provided. Don’t forget a stamp! Note the ballot must arrive to the Town Clerk’s office by the time the polls close on Election Day, June 16th. June 16th is not a postmark deadline, it is a hard deadline by which the ballot must arrive at the Clerk’s office!



For those who wish it, in-person voting will be held at regular polling places during the limited hours of 12 Noon to 8:00 PM on Tuesday, June 16th. Social distancing will be observed. Writing instruments will be replaced and sanitized by election workers.