Priorities for our Schools, our Students, and our Community

My priorities as a member of the Shrewsbury School Committee:

♦ Free, Full Day Kindergarten for all students who want it. 96% of school districts in Massachusetts offer full-day Kindergarten to all students who want it; it’s one of the few areas where Shrewsbury lags behind the times. We’ll have the space to do so when the new Beal School building opens, but it’s time to eliminate the tuition fee. Every family should be able to access the full Kindergarten program, free of cost.

♦ Connecting our schools with the business community, and Shrewsbury’s kids with real-world opportunities. I’ve supported new high-level focus on generating more partnerships with the area’s businesses, both to generate private dollars for educational opportunities, and to connect our students with real-world learning opportunities outside the classroom — essential to doing our best to prepare today’s kids for tomorrow’s world.

♦ Ensuring residents continue to earn great value from our schools. Shrewsbury schools continue to perform in the top tier while spending among the fewest dollars per student, providing great education for our kids while being responsible with taxpayer dollars. Increasing investment will be a necessity in the future, as built-in costs continue to climb: the health of our schools directly impacts the health of our community.

♦ Resources for mental and emotional health challenges. I’ve supported increased focus on the need to address the general wellness of Shrewsbury students — not just their academic standing — through new wellness programming and increased adjustment counselors.